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Vermilion Tangles With Edison

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Vermilion is one basket away from being unbeaten on this young season and they host the Edison Chargers in a Bay Division game in the Sandusky Bay Conference on Friday night.

After losing by one to Lorain (49-48) in a non-conference game last Tuesday, the Sailors hammered Port Clinton (67-38) in their first division game last Friday.

Habermehl says they came out and played the way they wanted to right from the start. “I thought we came out with a lot of energy and kind of set the tone early. We came out shooting the ball well, which we didn’t do very well against Lorain. So, I was really happy with the kid’s effort,” said Habermehl.

And it was an emotional and mental challenge for the kids too because Habermehl says they were very disappointed in the result of the Lorain game. “We were pretty sick about the loss to Lorain. We thought we outplayed them. That we were the better basketball team and we just didn’t knock our free throws down and we didn’t knock down our open shots down. Saying that I was really proud of the way the kids responded to it and I think we are back on track,” he said.

Vermilion (3-1,1-0) is at home for Edison (3-1,0-1) on Friday night. The Chargers lost to Margaretta (51-47) in overtime last week. Habermehl says they have a couple of very good post players. “My first thought immediately go to their big men. I think their big men are pretty solid. Between Hill and Roberts I think they are a nice basketball team. They are very athletic. We don’t have that size that they have and when you put their athleticism with their size it makes them difficult to guard,” he said.

When it comes to keys to a win for the Sailors on Friday night, Habermehl says they will need to rebound and run some good zone offense. “One thing that we have been really good at even though we are small we have been very good at rebounding the basketball. I think we are outrebounding our opponents by 14 rebounds a game right now. That obviously is going to be a major key for us. Last year at times we struggled with rebounding the ball,” he told Swankonsports.com on Wednesday. “Also, I am sure they are going to throw a zone at us. They did everything possible last year to slow us down, so we have to be better prepared for that than we were last year. We didn’t respond to that so well last year and it cost us a game when we went to their place. It is going to vital to adjust to the game and whatever it gives to us.”

Published 12/14/17

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Vermilion Wins two; Faces Big Test

Vermilion won its own tournament over the weekend and now they face a very tough challenge as they host Lorain on Tuesday night in a non conference game.

The Sailors (2-0) beat Gates Mills Hawken (63-50) last Friday and North Ridgeville (50-36) on Saturday on their own floor.

Coach Kurt Habermehl thought they were sloppy Friday, but they played much better on Saturday night. “I was much more happy after that game. North Ridgeville is a pretty high scoring team. Defensively, I thought, we were just fantastic on Saturday night,” he told Swankonsports.com on Tuesday, “We hold a high scoring team to 36 points. Give them credit, they did a pretty good job of trying to slow us down a little bit. It wasn’t the greatest shooting performance, but I was pretty happy with the outcome.”

Vermilion says some veterans back, but Habermehl, who has been in the business a while, knows that shooting can be a little cold early in the season and you have to rely on your defense. “Shooting does kind of take a while because you have to find that rhythm and you have to find the right groupings of kids on the floor together. If you are playing good defense you are going to keep yourself in the game. You just hope that you start to knock down some shots,” he said.

Lorain is going to be one of the better big school basketball teams in northern Ohio this year. Habermehl says the Titans have great talent. “They are always good. The coach told me last year they had 93 kids try out for their freshmen teams, so you are always going to find good kids out of that many kids. Last year we a great game against them, we lost by seven to them last year. We fully expect (Tuesday) night’s game to be a great game as well,” he said.

Vermilion expects to have a great season too and Habermehl says they can be a good tournament team come March and they want to be tested by teams like Lorain. “We have to play this kind of talent. To me we could load the schedule up with lesser talent, but it is not as important to me to win 19 or 20 games as it is trying to advance in the tournament. So, if we have to learn some hard lessons throughout the season because we are playing good teams then so be it. I think we will be that much better once tournament rolls around,” said Habermehl.

Published 12/05/17

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Vermilion to Field Another Good Team

Vermilion is going to be one of the favorites in the Bay Division of the Sandusky Bay Conference this season in boys’ basketball. They shared the title with Huron and Sandusky Perkins last winter.

Pekins is now in the Lake Division, with the “SBC” expanding to three divisions this school year.

Vermilion begins play this week by hosting their own holiday tournament. They play Gates Mills Hawken on Friday and either Oberlin or North Ridgeville on Saturday,

The Sailors have some experience back and coach Kurt Habermehl thinks they will be ready to go this weekend. “Yeah I think we will be alright. We have a veteran team coming back, so instead of teaching a whole lot of new stuff this year we are kind of reviewing what we have done in years past, so I think we will be fine,” he said.

Habermehl has a lot of experience himself and he says that is something you just can’t teach. “I think it is a lot easier when tough situations arise in a game to have experienced kids in there because they always seem to know what to do. Sometimes they can’t hear you when the game is going on, so the more experience you have on the floor the better off you are,” said Habermehl.

Although they will have a lot of the same players on the floor, Habermehl says they will have different strengths this season. “Last year we were a fast team that played a lot of guards. This year we will still be a fast team that plays a lot of guards, but we also have a couple of post players this year that we haven’t had in years past,” he told Swankonsports.com on Monday, “It will be nice when we get a little silly that we can throw the ball into the post and try and score inside instead of just hoisting threes all game.”

Playing two games on the weekend and then another game the following Tuesday is going to be taxing, but Habermehl thinks it will be good for them, “I think it is also going to test our conditioning a little bit. You find our right away on Saturday how well conditioned your team is based on whether or not these can come out and play. We are also different this year in that we are playing again on Tuesday right away, so we will have three games in the first five days. That Tuesday game is against a real good Lorain team, so we are not going to get any breaks. I kind of like that because I think it is a good opportunity to see where we are at early in the season and se how we stack up against good teams,” said Habermehl.

Published 11/28/17

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