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Calvert Excited to Play St. Paul

Tiffin Calvert and Norwalk St. Paul play for the second time this fall, this time in the division seven regional semifinals at Fremont Harmon Stadium on Friday night.

St. Paul won the first meeting on week three of the regular season (23-7,) but the Senecas are more healthy this time around. They have quarterback Park Hemminger, who did not play in the first game.

Calvert scored in the final minutes on the game to beat Edgerton (50-43) in a first round game last week.

Coach Todd Fox says it was an outstanding game to watch, but he would rather not be so excited. “We had a hard time putting them away. We kept shooting ourselves in our foot. It made for an exciting game for the fans. I would have been really happy to not do that but, it helps to develop character in our young men, so we will go with that,” he said.

After some injuries early in the season Calvert has won its last six games, claiming the undisputed title in the River Division of the Sandusky Bay Conference. Fox says they have some developed some character. “I just think it reinforced what we have been through with the character with this team all year. We have had some adversity due to situations and our response has been pretty good. We have been able to respond, keep their heads up, and drive. They scored to take the lead on us 43-42 for the first time since the first quarter with less than three minutes to play in the game and we were able to go down and score and show they were ready to play,” said Fox.

St. Paul (11-0), #2 in the final Swankonsports.com football coaches poll in the small school division, has only allowed more than one score twice this season, including a (52-13) win over Wayne Trace in a first round game last week.

Fox says their offense is explosive, but their defense is really, really good. “With St. Paul it is a broken record to say they are well coached and it is not just head coach John Livengood, but all of the way through. There are so many great football coaches on their staff. They prepare their guys very well. Their offense you just look at their numbers. Their offense has been outstanding and historically they have been really good at scoring points,” he told Swankonsports.com on Tuesday, “It is nothing flashy, it is ground and pound football, but I think what makes this team special for them is their defense. Coach Fisher has a really fast defense. They fly to the ball and they are all over the place. When you look at their schedule putting points on the board is not something too many teams have been able to do. So, we have our work cut out for us and we are just going to have to be able to go back and get to work and prepare for them on Friday night.”

Neither of these teams are that big, but they are fast across the board. Fox says they are similar in what they do. “We have modeled ourselves after them in that regard. We have played St. Paul I don’t know how many years consecutively and this is not the first time we played each other in the playoffs, so twice in a season. They have never been massive up front they are just fast. We feel comfortable that that is where we are too, so we match up in that category. I think team speed we are okay. We just have to be prepared to make plays and play a great game on Friday. We can’t be turning the ball over like we did last week. You have to play a good game to beat St. Paul,” said Fox.

Published 11/08/17

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Calvert Has to Stop the Run

Tiffin Calvert is not new to the football playoffs. They have more appearances than I have bumps on the head and that is a lot, 16 a matter of fact.

They have been in the postseason now seven straight years.

The Senecas (7-3) play at Edgerton (8-2) on Friday night in a first round game in division seven.

Coach Todd Fox says when it comes to playoffs focus is important. “We had that conversation with our team (Monday.) I don’t want to take away from the fact that it is a great honor and they should be excited and really ramped up to be in the playoffs, but at the same time it is something they have all been through. The seniors have done it every year and there should be some normalcy to it too,” said Fox.

Edgerton wants to be physical and pound the ball at the Senecas, according to Fox. “They are bringing a really good running game to us. They are a really good team on offense and defense. They do a lot of sound things. They pound the football at you and have some size up front. We are going to have to play a good football game,” he said.

Edgerton is way up in the northwest corner of the state and quite a ways from Tiffin, so there is not going to be much familiarity. Fox says they are kind of a mix of a couple of teams they have played. “I think this is a good mixture between a Norwalk St. Paul and Oak Harbor that we played the following week. They are a run first team,” he told Swankonsports.com on Monday, “I don’t think they are as fast as St. Paul, I know they aren’t as fast as St. Paul, but I think they are a good mix of the Oak Harbor team we played. Defensively we are going to have to play a great football game, but we have been to hang our hats on our defense all season long.”

Calvert has an excellent junior running back in Austin Jones. He had 242 yards and five scores last week against Willard. Fox says they want to get him the ball a lot, but they have to be balanced. “Offensively we are going to have to keep the balance. Keep the ball in Austin Jones’ hands and also let (quarterback) Park Hemminger do his thing. Austin over the last six games has 1,600 yards rushing and has broken our school record and he has been our starter for six weeks, so we need to keep the ball in his hands. But, at the same time with Park back he has been doing some great things. I think our defense will be fine, we just have to put some points on the board to help them out,” said Fox.

Published 10/31/17

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Calvert Wants it Outright

Tiffin Calvert has a piece of the Sandusky Bay Conference River Division title and Friday night is a chance to win it outright.

They play at Willard on Friday night in a River Division game. A victory means an outright championship.

The Senecas (6-3,4-0) beat Margaretta (41-16) on Saturday to earn no less than a share of the title.

Coach Todd Fox says they played pretty well against the Polar Bears. “We felt really good about our offensive and defensive performance. At this time of the year you want to be playing at your best and I think we can say that. We still have areas where we can get better, but we are pretty happy with how we are playing right now,” he said.

Fox says they made a big play right before the half. “They scored first and we shot ourselves in the foot a couple of times in the first quarter inside the red zone. We went back and scored, but they blocked the extra point. We had a big 80-yard touchdown pass right before half to Austin Jones, which gave us the lead. We came out in the second half and made some adjustments to what they were doing and the kids just played extremely well,” he said.

Calvert plays at Willard (3-6,2-2) on Friday night in the first meeting between the two teams in a number of years. Willard scored and added a two point conversion later in the game to beat Sandusky St. Mary’s (22-21) in a division game last week.

Fox says the Flashes have some size. “We are playing a big school. We don’t make any excuses everybody we play is bigger. They are big up front. They have a lot of size up front. For us we are playing secure the “SBC River” alone and secure our playoff week 11,” he told Swankonsports.com on Tuesday, “For them they are just playing to finish the year. We expect a hard fought fight. This is the first time we have seen them on the field. I know Calvert has some history playing them years ago. We are kind of excited about a new adventure.”

Fox is a graduate of Willard High School and he admits this is a different game for him. “It is difficult. Willard was my home not only as a player and a graduate, but I coached and taught there for 17 years. I actually live in Holiday Lakes, which is just north of Willard. It’s difficult, it’s just different. At the same time when it is seven o’clock it is us versus Willard,” he said.

Published 10/25/17

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Calvert and Margaretta for the Marbles

Tiffin Calvert and Margaretta played for the Sandusky Bay Conference River Division title last year and it looks like that is going to be the case against Saturday night when the Senecas host the Polar Bears at their place.

Last year it was Calvert winning (40-32) and we hope this year it is another good game.

Calvert (5-3,3-0) has won its last four games, including (45-6) at the expense of Sandusky St. Mary’s in a River Division game last Saturday.

Coach Todd Fox says they had good focus. “We felt like we wanted to go in and play at our level and improve what we do on the field. Our kids can do that and we just want to get better each and every day,” he said.

Margaretta (4-4,3-0) beat Fremont St. Joe (22-12) last week. Fox says the Bears have a lot of weapons. “Offensively they bring a lot of weapons. Mainly, last year’s “SBC River” offensive player of the year in their running back Logan Graffin, but then they have a couple of weapons at receiver and their quarterback does a nice job distributing the ball too. So, defensively we really have our hands full this week,” said Fox.

Fox says they know Saturday night is going to be a big game and they will be ready for it. “We look at it as championship game. The winner has at least a share of the league title and the loser will be setting one game behind. We look at it as a championship game and we are going to play it at a championship level. We are getting prepared for that,” he said.

Calvert is not the biggest team this year, but they do have really good speed. Fox says they have to be able to put that speed to good use and be able to make some big plays. “We have to play with our speed. We think we are blessed with some overall team speed. They gave the size advantage and we may have the overall team speed advantage,” he told Swankonsports.com on Monday, “We have to really make sure we are playing with speed, we have it, and we have to make sure we are playing with that speed. It is going to come down to, and it’s a cliché, who makes the least amount of mistakes.”

Published 10/17/17

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Calvert Finding Itself

Tiffin Calvert has won its last three games and both of their River Division games and they are heading into the final third of the season with some momentum.

They share first place in the Sandusky Bay Conference River Division with Margaretta. The Senecas have beaten Fremont St. Joe (62-21) and Kansas Lakota (34-28) in their division games.

Coach Todd Fox says after some injury concerns at quarterback position early they have started to get healthy. “It has stabilized itself. We went through in game two we lost our first quarterback in the first quarter. Game three we lost our second quarterback on the second play, so we played game four with our third teamer. The good news is they all got reps and they all got better and now all, but number two are healthy. So, that is great position to be in at this point in the season,” said Fox.

Fox says that adversity they went through earlier in the season has made them a tougher team. “I think that adversity that we went through at the beginning of the year helped us settle in a little bit and realize there is a lot of work to do and they guys have been working really hard and each week we have done a lot better,” he said.

Calvert (4-3,2-0) has moved into the number six spot in their division seven computer region.

Fox says their first goal is to win that River Division like they did last year. “We want to win the conference championship. We are excited to be in the same conference for a couple of years in a row. That is a different excitement and we are excited about that. There are still three weeks left and we have to be ready each week,” said Fox.

Calvert hosts Sandusky St. Mary’s (1-6,0-2) on Saturday night in a River Division game. The Panthers are coming off (30-0) loss to Margaretta last week.

Fox says this is a St. Mary’s team that has talent and has played a very good schedule. “St. Mary’s their lines are very big. They have an outside linebacker, defensive end that is 6’5”, 230. He is a great athlete, great wrestler. Up front they are just big boys. We kind of bring in a different element. We are all about 195 pounds or 200 and try and be fast, but it is hard to do against those boys,” he told Swankonsports.com on Thursday, “The other things about St. Mary’s is their record isn’t great, but when you look at who they have played. We can kind of relate to that. We lost to St. Paul and they lost to St. Paul. They lost to a good Crestview team. We just have to be ready to go.”

Published 10/13/17

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Calvert Ready for the Challenge


          Tiffin Calvert and Margraretta, both unbeaten in river division, play to decide the championship of one of two divisions of the Sandusky Bay Conference on Friday night at Margaretta.

          Calvert coach Todd Fox feels like they have gotten better step by step during the season, even in a loss last week (28-16) to Seneca East in non-conference play last Saturday.  “We have progressed like we want.  Obviously we struggled a little bit last week.  This week we have learned a little about ourselves and developed a little bit.  We are getting to were we need to be here on week 10 and hopefully on to week 11,” he said.

          This is Calvert’s first year in the “SBC” after an odyssey in the “TRAC” after the breakup of the Midland Athletic League.  Fox says his kids are pumped up about having a chance to play for the river division title on Friday.  “Our young men are pretty excited to play for a conference championship.  We have been in a different league.  So, for them it’s just kind of refocus and have something they know they are going to part of right now and rehashing a little bit of Calvert history with the “SBC.” They are excited,” he said.

         Calvert (6-3,3-0) is at Margaretta (5-4,3-0) on Friday night.  The Polar Bears beat Sandusky St. Mary’s (34-12) in a river division game last week.

          Fox says they are clearly a team that is a lot better than they were in August when the season started.  “Coaches want to improve and I feel like our team has improved all year, but Margaretta from game one to game 10, and kudos to coach Andrew (Zuk,) because they have improved so much across the board.  We are kind of bummed because we have to face them week 10.  They are a whole new team now.  They believe in their system and believe in themselves,” he told Swankonsports.com on Tuesday, “Their offensive running attack with (Logan) Graffin is pretty phenomenal.  He leads our league in rushing and we have some good backs.  He is fast and if he gets to the open we are in trouble.  They have a couple of good receivers and they are a run first team, so if you focus too much on him they throw to a receiver.  Offensively they are very sound.  We hare going to have to be prepared for them, I think we are okay, but it is going to be a battle.”

          A win secures a playoff berth in division seven for the Senecas as well.  Fox says this is the kind of football game that you want to be playing on the final week of the regular season.  “We played a really tough team in Seneca East last week and now we are going into a league championship type game.  We have talked about as a team that is how you get ready.  That’s how the great teams in Ohio get ready they are battling each week.  We want to be able to face a tough team and be able to get ready,” he said,


Published 10/26/16

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