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Perkins and Bellevue in Lake Division Game

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Sandusky Perkins and Bellevue are two schools trying to find out if they are competitors in the Lake Division in the Sandusky Bay Conference.

They play each other on Friday night at Perkins.

The Pirates are coming off a very good weekend, which included a (72-71) overtime win over Clyde last Friday and then beat Huron (54-47) in an interdivisional game on Saturday.

Jacob Voight made two free throws with a second left to beat Clyde and coach Scott McVeigh says it was a quality win. “It is a good win. Clyde did a nice job the second half of really being the more aggressive team and somehow we snuck out of Clyde with a win. Any league game, especially on the road and we will take it. We played Huron the night after and that was three games in five nights. It is going to be a little weird having just a single game this week against Bellevue,” he said.

Perkins (3-1,1-0) also beat Bowling Green (45-36) last Tuesday. McVeigh says it is kind of nice to concentrate on just Bellevue this week. “It has been kind of a weird week we didn’t get to practice (Wednesday) and we got a real good practice (Thursday.) It is nice because you usually talk about teams and tendencies if you are playing back to back, what they share. We will focus just on Bellevue this week. We know we are going to have our hands full there. They are playing well and had a nice, big win over Sandusky to start their season and then they gutted one out against Willard Saturday night, so we are looking forward to it. We know it is going to be a dogfight. We know it is going to be a battle. Ultimately that is how you get better,” said McVeigh.

Bellevue (2-0,1-0) beat Sandusky (77-60) in their first game of the season last Friday. Trey Ruhlman had 27 points and McVeigh says he is an outstanding player and the Redmen have a lot of good players around him. “They have some nice players. They will get up and down. They will shoot the three. When you look at Bellevue everything starts with the (Trey) Ruhlman. He has done nothing but improve from his freshman year to his sophomore year and it looks like he has made as a much of a jump going into his junior year that he did last year. Everything starts with him, he is one the better guards in the area. He is very dangerous. He is quick, he can shoot it. I think he made 16 free throws against Sandusky. So, he is very, very aggressive.,” he told Swankonsports.com on Thursday, “You throw (Kayden) Vogel out there and you throw (Jake) Waskielis out there. They have some shooters. Then you throw the (Caleb) Marshall in there I think he had 18 rebounds and numerous blocks. They are very athletic and very dangerous. We relate them a lot to Clyde with how offensive minded they were. It is going to be a tall task.”

Published 12/15/17

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Perkins Opens With Edison

Perkins has developed into one of the more consistent boys’ basketball programs in North Central Ohio.

They open the season against Edison in a inter-divisional game in the Sandusky Bay Conference on Saturday night.

Coach Scott McVeigh says they kind of got a wake up call in a scrimmage last week and that was what they needed. “It has been pretty good. We have been plugging away trying to get better every single day. We had some nice scrimmages and getting after it a little bit. We played Midview and North Royalton on Wednesday and I don’t think we played really well. I think we came out of it with what we wanted to come out of it out last scrimmage with a lot of question marks knowing that we had to work harder and put a better effort in and have better focus. It was a good last scrimmage as an eye opener. Other than that we have been solid working hard and getting after it in the gym and we are getting ready to get it tipped off,” said McVeigh.

Perkins is now part of the Lake Division of the Sandusky Bay Conference with former “NOL” members Shelby, Bellevue, Tiffin Columbian, Norwalk, and Sandusky, plus Clyde.

McVeigh feels it will be competitive from top to bottom. “It is different in that we were so used to the old “SBC.” We played every team in the “NOL” besides Ontario the last couple of years, so I think it has been kind of nice to segway into that with teams you have already played. It is going to be a very competitive league, especially in the Lake Division it is going to be real competitive,” he told Swankonsports.com on Monday, “I think there are a lot of teams that are even that going in night in, night out you have to bring your “A” game to be able to compete knowing you can beat anybody on a given night, but also knowing you can get beat on any given night. I think ultimately it will be very balanced and competitive. You have very good athletes and very good coaches. I think it is going to be fun we just have to make sure we bring it every night.”

Edison should be a good challenge on Saturday night. McVeigh thinks it will be a battle in the post. “You look at the last two years and they were a regional team, that is one thing there that sticks out to me. James Hill is finally a senior. It seems like he has been there for seven years, but probably one of the best post players in the area. He just has a real nice game to him. Then you throw in Bryce Roberts, a senior, and again it seems like he has been there forever. I think everything starts with those two guys. They are very athletic, they are big, they are strong. They can both put it on the deck. They are shooting it a lot better and they can extend you a little bit. They have some nice younger guards coming in. I think that was one thing they struggled with last year was their guard play. They are well coached Kyle (Hammond) has done a nice job with that program,” said McVeigh.

Published 11/28/17

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Perkins Closes Season With Tough Task

At one time Sandusky Perkins was 0-7, but they have won their last two and will close their season with a Sandusky Bay Conference Lake Division game at unbeaten Sandusky on Friday night.

The Blue Steaks need the win in order to earn an outright Lake Division title.

Two weeks ago, Perkins beat Norwalk (20-7) and last Friday it was a field goal at the horn to beat (23-21) Tiffin Columbian and Lake Division games.

Coach Jason Zeigler says it is all about confidence for the Pirates. “I think it just confidence. The last two weeks I think are kids are just really believing they can win. They are not folding and putting their heads down when bad things happen. I think that has probably been the biggest thing. They are trusting their keys, they are running to the football. It has taken a little while. I think they are believing a little more,” he said/

Zeigler says they have been telling the kids to concentrate on the play at hand and that seems to be working. “I see it all of the time with kids. They make one bad play and they let that affect the next play. We have been preaching, especially the last couple of weeks, about it’s not the last play, it’s not the next play, it’s the play at hand. You have to play that play the best you can and then move on to the next one. Our kids are really starting to buy in. We are playing some good football. It’s unfortunate we are in week 10 now and we are playing on the better teams we are going to see all year,” said Zeigler.

Sandusky (9-0,4-0), #2 in the Swankonsports.com football coaches poll in the large school division, beat a solid Bellevue team (49-35) last week to take sole possession of first place in the division. They had beaten Clyde (42-28) the week before.

Zeigler says the Blue Streaks offense is scary good. “What’s not good about them? They have athletes all over the place. They have a division one quarterback going to Michigan State on full ride. He can run and he is very actuate at throwing the ball. He has all of those intangibles that you want in a field general out there. They have a running back that is a sophomore that is one of the faster kids I have seen. He has great vision and can take it to the house at any time,” he told Swankonsports.com on Sunday evening, “Their line is big and strong. That is just on the offensive side. They have two receivers that will go up and get the ball and will run by you. Just saying that is kind of scary.”

On the defensive side of the ball, Zeigler says Sandusky is pretty good there too. “Defensively they are fast. They move to the football. They have two down lineman that are big and strong and quick. They are enormous. Their linebackers run to the football. Their safety is good. There are not a lot of weaknesses on this team. We are going to have to go down to Sandusky, which is just a two minute drive for us, and we are going to have to play our best football, but I think our kids are ready for the challenge,” said Zeigler.

Published 10/23/17

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Perkins Must be Physical

Clyde is likely the biggest rival for Sandusky Perkins on the football field and the Pirates hope that helps them toward their best performance of the season and they will need it.

They play at unbeaten Clyde it the first Sandusky Bay Conference Lake Division game of the season for both on Friday night.

Last week, the Pirates (0-5) were humbled by Oak Harbor (37-0) in an inter-divisional game in the “SBC.”

Coach Jason Ziegler says the Rockets were more physical. “It went the exact way we didn’t want it to go. It is unfortunate because they beat us up front. I haven’t seen our team do that is a long a long while. We just got physically handled last Friday up front. We are playing a lot of young kids. We have some injuries. That is no excuse we still have to have kids that need to go out there and take it to them and we didn’t do that. So, we showed the film and we talked about it and that is going to change this week. We are playing a team that is always physical and big up front,” he said.

Clyde (5-0), #3 in the Swankonsports.com football coaches poll in the large school division, and number two in the computer region, belted Port Clinton (49-3) last week.

Ziegler says this a typical Clyde team and that means they are really good. “Clyde is solid all around. Coach Carter does a great job. Their kids have bought in for years. They have 11 kids that are always going to run to the football. They will punch you, they will knock you around up front and they will also chuck it deep. They are one of the most solid teams we will see. They are one of the more solid programs in the State of Ohio year in and year out,” he told Swankonsports.com on Monday, “They are going to come after you. It is always fun playing them because you know you are in it for four quarters. Their kids aren’t going to give up they are going to fight. We have been there for years. It is not working that way right now, but this is our first league game. Everybody in the league is 0-0. We have the opportunity here to start something and get something going.”

It is the rivalry factor that makes this more of a game than it looks like on paper. Ziegler says they have to play with both emotion and execution. “That is what we are hoping. There is a history there. We have played each other during the regular season and in the playoffs. They are always tough, hardnosed, drag out games. Hopefully this week is different. We are hoping to come out on top. We are going to have to play sound football and physical football in order to beat these guys and our kids know that. We have had the turnover problems. That happened last week with another four turnovers. We have 20 turnovers in five games and that equates to an 0-5 team. We keep stressing hold on to the darn ball, run to the football on defense, and good things will happen. At some point the kids have to buy in and I think this is going to be the week,” said Ziegler.

Published 9/26/17

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Line of Scrimmage Big For Perkins

The Perkins Pirates made some steps forward last week, but they have to mare a few more they hit the road for Oak Harbor on Friday night.

It was a loss last week to Vermilion (35-12,) but coach Jason Ziegler says he saw some good things that maybe he hadn’t seen previously. “It’s hard to say losing and you are heading in the right direction, but I feel like we did. We corrected a lot of our mistakes from the previous two weeks. Just the ball exchange and getting the ball to the quarterback. That got fixed. I think our offense we moved the ball. We had over 300 yards rushing and close to 100 yards passing. The biggest thing we need to correct from last week is we were inside the five three times and only came away with three points,” he told Swankonsports.com on Wednesday, “That’s a big deal and that is something we need to correct. We you get that close to the end zone, when you get inside the ten, you have to come away with six, so our kids understand that. That is what kind of caused our downfall against Vermilion.”

No matter the level of football you have to score when you get down close. Ziegler says that was part of their discussion on Saturday morning. “We kind of talked to our players about how you march it all of the way down there and get inside the five at the point in time it is man on man, it’s who wants it more is those types of situations. That is why I love this game so much it is situations like that where we are going to see who the better man is. Unfortunately, on Friday night their kids stepped up a little bit more. I do give our kids credit it was a great practice week and so far this week it has been a great practice week and our kids are still fighting. They understand they are still playing for something. We haven’t started our league play. I tell our kids this is actually our last preseason game. After this week, we start playing in the Lake Division, which is the last five game,” said Ziegler.

Oak Harbor (2-2) beat Tiffin Calvert (10-0) last Saturday to get to the .500 mark.

Ziegler says the Rockets are a pretty good team that is physical in the trenches. He says they have to win the point of attack. “They are coached very well. Their offensive and defensive lines are probably the best we have seen. They are big, they are strong and this game is going to be a battle up front. If we can control the line of scrimmage we are going to have an opportunity to win. If we get pushed back and pushed around in the trenches we might as well just cash it in. I think our kids are understanding that challenge and not taking it lightly. They are coming in saying we are going to win up front and we are going to stop their best player,” said Ziegler.

Published 9/21/17

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Perkins Looking to Rebound

Perkins got routed last week and they have to get a lot better if they are going to start winning games.

Their next chance is Friday night at home against Vermilion. Perkins is in the Lake division of the Sandusky Bay Conference and Vermilion is in the Bay division.

Last week, Genoa drilled the Pirates (52-14) in a non-conference game.

Coach Jason Ziegler says they didn’t play well at all and they are working to improve. “We have got to be better. I sit here and say it can’t get any worse, but I know better than to say that. We definitely have to be better than last week. It was a combination of penalties and just not doing key assignments. It was one of those things where we had to sit back down and watch film and get together as a team and refocus on where we are at and just talk about getting better every play and every day,” he said.

Adversity is something all teams must deal with. Ziegler says their reaction to last week must be positive. “That is why this game is so great it teaches life lessons. We talk to our football players all of the time about the game of football is like life you are going to get punched, you are going to get hit and things are going to happen that you don’t expect or foresee. What you do after that, those reactions is what is going to make you a better person and a better man. I think our kids understand that,” he told Swankonsports.com on Wednesday, “I still say this is a great team. I love these guys they are hard workers and it is a pleasure to coach them and I think they are capable of taking this day by day and understand what we are talking about.”

Vermilion (1-2) lost for the first time last week (21-14) to a very good Firelands team.

Ziegler says they the Sailors do a lot of good things. He is impressed by kids on both sides of the ball. “They are a good football team. They have a new coach and he is doing a great job. They lost last week to Firelands, who is a very good football team and they were right there. Firelands beat Edison, who is one of the better teams in the area. So, to me they are a very good football team and we are going to have to play sound football to beat them. Their quarterback is very good. They have a nice running back. Defensively, their linebackers are pretty darn good. Their safeties are ballhawkers. They are going to come up and stop the run. We are going to have to execute. That is going to be keep coming off the ball, executing, and doing our jobs,” said Ziegler.

Published 9/14/17

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Perkins Has to Eliminate Mistakes

Sandusky Perkins had trouble with Mansfield Senior’s speed last week, but more than that they kept shooting themselves in the foot and that has to stop.

They host Genoa this week in a non-conference game.

Mansfield Senior beat the Pirates last week (39-6) as Jormell Manns, a Minnesota recruit, scored twice. Perkins coach Jason Ziegler says it was a match-up problem for them. “We knew going into it they are a very athletic team. They have a lot of D-one athletes on there. Speed is hard to coach up. Our kids came in there punching and swinging. What hurt us early was our penalties. We had numerous false starts and it started from the center,” he told Swankonsports.com on Wednesday, “We had to make a change at halftime. We fell behind and in the end we couldn’t contain the Manns kid. He is a special athlete. For the effort and the grand scheme of things I was real proud of the kids effort and we are just trying to get better and get after Genoa this week.”

In high school football mistakes kill you and Ziegler says they have to reduce those penalties. “We are starting a game and we go three and out. Our center is twitching the ball twice and now we are first and 20, we get 16, 17 yards and we are punting the ball. That happened numerous times where we are not snapping the ball on time. It’s a first year player at center with a guy at nose over him. I think he just had the jitters and he just didn’t react like we thought he was going to. With that being said they are football players, they are still young men, they are still kids. He is going to get better. We are going back to the drawing board with the backup center and see who can do the job and get it done,” he said.

Genoa (2-0) and a winner over Oak Harbor (35-20) last week will be at Perkins on Friday night.

Ziegler says this will be a battle of wing-T teams. “They are another great football team. They were picked to win their conference. Their quarterback is a junior, he is a division one athlete, he is good. They come off the ball real well. Their offensive line is fantastic. They have two running backs. They run an offense very similar to us. They run a wing-T. So, they are going to give it to their fullback, they are going to give it their halfback, and they have a tight end they like to flank out at times and throw it to him, he is about a 6’6”, 6’7” kid. We match up a little better with them than do with Mansfield, I’ll put it that way. We are a better run stopping team than we are a pass stopping team. We will see how it goes,” said Ziegler.

Published 9/07/17

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Perkins Looks to Battle Back

Perkins got beat almost at the horn last week and they know their execution has to better as they travel to Mansfield Senior to play the Tygers in non-conference play on Friday night.

Lucas Critelli scored with 1:02 left Friday night and Huron rallied to beat Perkins (27-21) on week one. The Pirates held a (14-0) lead in first half, but coach Jason Ziegler says they made some mistakes and it cost them in the end. “It is one of those things were we started off fast. We got up 14-0 and we had all of the momentum in the world,” he told Swankonsports.com on Sunday evening, “There was a blown coverage and they score one. We have an off sides penalty and they get the momentum and it was just one of those things where we couldn’t get it back. They are a good football team and they fought and our kids fought and we came up short. I was proud of the effort we just have to get better.”

There is generally a lot of improvement between weeks one and week two and Ziegler says considering the opponent they need to show a lot of improvement in order to beat the Tygers. “I would love for the week two opponent to be not maybe as talented as Mansfield. That would kind of help a little bit, but your greatest gain is in between week one and week two. We are going to have to make some big strides in order to beat Mansfield. They are a very good team. They are a well coached team. They have talent and speed all around. We know we are in for a battle,” he said.

Isaac Grude ran for 79 yards on Friday night out of the Perkins wing-T offense.

Mansfield Senior made a number of big plays on both sides of the ball and they beat Columbus Northland (42-14) on week one. Minnesota recruit Jonell Manns ran for 170 yards and four scores.

Ziegler says Mansfield Senior has speed and talent, but they feel they put together and excellent game plan for Friday night. “You can see it on film. It is not one of those things were you are watching film as say yeah he looks fast. You put the film on and they stand out. That is something that definitely is worrisome for us. We have a plan. Our kids are going to try and execute that plan and that is all we can ask. We are excited about the challenge. It is one of those things where we have to play our game and we have to get better and that is what our plan is,” said Ziegler.

Published 8/28/17

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