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Old Fort Needs to Find it Again

Old Fort shares first place with Tiffin Calvert in the River Division of the Sandusky Bay Conference, but they need to get back to how they were clicking earlier in the season.

The Stockaders play at home against Fremont St. Joe in a River Division game on Friday night.

They suffered their first loss in the division when rival New Riegel knocked them off (70-62) last Friday.

Coach Eric Hoover says they just didn’t play up to their standards. “We have been struggling for a couple of weeks. We were able to get a couple wins in that time, but we just haven’t been clicking very well. We are kind hitting a mid-season slump and we are trying to work our way out of it. Getting a league win on Friday will be big for us,” said Hoover.

They have lost two of their last three overall and Hoover says they have not better executing very well on either end of the court the last couple of weeks. “It’s a little bit of everything really. We haven’t shot the ball as well. We were really shooting the ball well the first third of the season and we haven’t been shooting it as well. At the same time, we have kind of gotten out of sink with our defensive fundamentals,” he told Swankonsports.com on Wednesday, “We are not scoring as much and we are giving up more at the same time. If you aren’t shooting as well, you have to do better on defense and we have kind of gone the opposite way. So, we have worked hard this week to get back to playing better defense and working in that area of the game.”

Old Fort (10-4,8-1) plays host to Fremont St. Joe (6-8,2-7) on Friday night. The Crimson Streaks lost (55-48) to Sandusky St. Mary’s last Friday. Old Fort won the first matchup (75-63) on December 20.

Hoover says the St. Joe guards hurt them the first time they played and they need to clean that up this time. “They have some really good guards and they have a 6’5”, 6’6” player also, so they have a good mix of guards and size. Their guards are young, so we hope to be able to take advantage of that with some extra pressure on them. Their guards shoot the ball very well. Those are their leading scorers. Their three guards hurt us last time. They had 20, 17, and 17, so we have to do a much better job on them,” said Hoover.

Published 1/24/19

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Old Fort Wants to Push it

It’s a chance for some revenge for the Old Fort Stockaders as they take on Arlington in the division four district semifinals at Fostoria High School on Tuesday night.

Mohawk faces New Riegel in the other semi.

Old Fort and New Riegel shared the title in the River Division of the Sandusky Bay Conference this year. They are each one win away from a tie breaker.

Old Fort beat another River Division team in Fremont St. Joe (59-47) last Friday in the section final. Coach Eric Hoover says they were able to find a way this time. “St. Joe got us twice during the regular season and we were still able to pull out our division, but they hurt us quite a bit. So, it was good to go out and get a win against them after having them beat us twice,” he said.

The Stockaders (14-9) like to force the tempo and Hoover says they were able to get the pace going pretty fast last week. “We like to push the ball. We like to be up tempo and press and that’s what we did. We found different ways to put pressure on them and get the pace of the game the way we want it. For the most part we were able to have that in our advantage most of the game,” he told Swankonsports.com on Monday, “The only time it wasn’t was the second quarter when we got kind of slowed down and they set back in a zone and we couldn’t get anything going offensively to get into presses and the game slowed down and that was our worse quarter. Other than that, we did a good job of finding opportunities to push the pace and pull away from them.”

Arlington (15-8) beat Old Fort in the district semifinals last year, but Hoover says they are a lot different this year as are the Stockaders. “They are very well coached and very disciplined. Coach (Jason) Vermillion over there has close to 300 wins I believe and he has been there and very consistent for a while. They got us last year in the same round, but they have a lot of new kids too like us. They graduated a lot. We are very similar in size. We are mostly guard oriented and they are very disciplined and run a lot of offensive sets and some good outside shooters, so I think it is going to be a real close matchup,” said Hoover.

Hoover believes this is going to be a game that is a battle for tempo and the team that controls it probably wins. “We average a few more points than them, but they give up a few less, so we would like to keep it at a fast pace,” he said.

Published 3/06/18

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Old Fort and St. Mary’s Play for Part of River Division Title

Old Fort hosts Sandusky St. Mary’s in a River Division game in the Sandusky Bay Conference on Friday night. The winner will share the division title with New Riegel.

The Blue Jackets beat Fremont St. Joe (58-55) in overtime on Thursday night.

All four schools came into play this week with (6-3) conference records.

Old Fort coach Eric Hoover says the mix this year in boys’ basketball has been outstanding and fun to be part of. “You want everybody to be competitive and there to be parity in the league. You don’t want somebody dominating or anything like that. It is good to see and having close games is a lot more fun. So, you never know what you are going to get on one night and makes it pretty exciting,” he said.

Sandusky St. Mary’s (11-10,6-3) has won three of its last four games, beating Lakota (65-43) in a division game last Friday.

Hoover says they are well balanced with talented players. “They are very talented for sure. They have a good inside game. They have a sophomore post that is very athletic and great finisher around the basket. He is shooting like 70 percent from the floor and that is pretty darn good. He can use both hands. He does a good job. A kid that was a first team all-league point guard last year is returning, he is a senior this year, is their leading scorer J.J. Fischer, and he is not even running the point now,” he told Swankonsports.com on Thursday, “They have had a sophomore come in this year and is running the point. They are both averaging double figures. That is a pretty tough matchup to have two good guards like that. They have a three headed scoring monster and that makes it pretty tough on everyone.”

St. Mary’s beat the Stockaders (80-65) in the first game between the two back on January 23 and both teams have shown the ability to score points in bunches this year.

Hoover expects Friday night to be no different. “I think it will be pretty exciting. We both play an up tempo style. In the New Riegel-St. Joe game it was 38-36 in the third quarter and my first though was that could our score after the first quarter (Friday) night. A little bit different styles out of the four of us, but still we were all setting in the same place,” he said.

Published 2/23/18

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Old Fort in Four Way Tie for Lead

Just one game short of the halfway point if the conference schedule, Old Fort, the defending champion, is in a four way share of the lead in the River Division of the Sandusky Bay Conference.

Fremont St. Joe, New Riegel and Sandusky St. Mary’s also have one loss in the division. The Stockaders play New Riegel on Friday night.

Coach Eric Hoover says they are in good position. “I can’t complain we still have a shot. We are one of the four that are in a tie for first. Petty much it is wide open at this point. We have almost played a round, I think everybody got cancelled last week, so I don’t think anybody has played a full round yet. There are a lot of big games left and every game is important. We are still in and have given ourselves a shot, so I like where we are,” said Hoover.

Old Fort hosts Danbury Lakeside in a non-conference game on Tuesday night. Hoover says the Lakers (3-5) are big, “They are joining our league next year. They have two good big guys from what I have seen that are 6’4”, 6’5” and good strong post players. With us being pretty small that is going to be a challenge for us. We are going to have to work on keeping the ball away from them,” he said.

Old Fort and New Riegel are both form Seneca County, on opposite sides of Tiffin, and Hoover says the small schools have a pretty good rivalry. “We have had a lot of close games over the years, the last five, six years for sure. We went back and forth way back in the “MAL,” which seems like a while ago now. It certainly has been a good rivalry. It is our homecoming game on Friday too, so that is another added dimension to it. We got them the first time in a close game, so they are going to be ready to go,” he said.

Old Fort won the first game (57-45) on December 15.

Hoover says this will be a different game. “Everybody is going to make adjustments. They are going to make adjustments. They are probably going to have different things in now that maybe they didn’t have in then that could affect the way we do things. They know how we approached them the first time, so they are going to make some adjustments,” he told Swankonsports.com on Monday, “We have some new things in too. We have some new wrinkles and do some things differently than we did it then. Playing to your strengths is what most coaches plan to do anyway. You are going to make some adjustments based on the other team, but you want to make them make adjustments to the game by doing what you do best.”

Published 1/16/18

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Old Fort Meets Defending Champs


          Sandusky Bay Conference River Division leader Old Fort plays host to defending champion Sandusky St. Mary’s in a division game on Friday night.

          Yes, I know that isn’t quite right as last year it was the Sandusky River League, but it is the same teams plus Tiffin Calvert.

          The Stockaders beat Calvert (75-58) last Saturday to remain unbeaten in “SBC” play.  Coach Eric Hoover says it was one of their better performances of the season.  “We had a really good game Saturday night.  Probably the most complete game that we have played all season so far.  We came out with a lot of confidence and get ahead early and just kind of controlled the game the whole time,” said Hoover.

          Although they have been good all year, Hoover believes the players are still working hard to improve on both ends of the court.  “It is good to see that we are continuing to get better at certain things that we are working on in practice.  We are still only halfway through the season, so we have a long way to go.  We want to keep getting better and be at our best at the end of the season come tournament time,” he said.

          St. Mary’s (7-3,4-1) scores points in bunches and they blew out Kansas Lakota (87-56) last Saturday and remain a game behind Old Fort. 

          Hoover says the Panthers have two explosive scores on the court.  “We have been in the league with them two years now.  They won the Sandusky River League both years, so they have been outstanding.  They still have two very good individual offensive players,” he told Swankonsports.com on Wednesday, “They have the two leading scorers in the league in Luca Mormina and David Miller.  They are going to be a difficult team to stop offensively.”

          The Panthers are a team that likes to force the pace and run the floor and Hoover says for then it will be a key to the slow they down and make somebody other than Mormina and Miller beat them.  “We need to focus on those two guys.  They score 65 to 75 percent of their points just out of those two players.  It is going to take a team effort and do our best to take away their individual strengths and just try to make them feel uncomfortable.  They like to push the ball offensively.  We have to limit their opportunities that they get in transition for us taking quick, bad shots or turning the ball over.  If we can do those things I think we can have a good competitive game,” said Hoover.


Published 1/12/17

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