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Norwayne Faces Unbeaten Kirtland in Playoffs

Norwayne, the champion of the Wayne County Athletic League, faces traditional power Kirtland in division six regional semifinal on Friday night at Strongsville Pat Catan Stadium.

This is the 14 th time Kirtland has been in the playoffs and they have been part of the football tournament in 11 of the last 12 years. They won the state title in 2011, 2013, and 2015. Norwayne also won a state title in 2011 and they are making their fourth straight trip to the postseason.

Last week, Norwayne (10-1) destroyed Southern (52-16) and that was after trailing (16-7) early in the second quarter.

Coach Adam Indorf says they told the players if they could kept pressing things would turn their way. “We told our kids initially that they would come out with a lot of energy and that we just needed to continue to play a play at a time and get after it and eventually things would start going for us and that is exactly what happened,” he said.

Kirtland (11-0) blew out Steubenville Central Catholic (59-0) last Saturday in their first playoff game. That was their sixth shutout of the season. They have not allowed more than one score in any game this season and that includes three playoffs teams. The Hornets last loss came to Marion Local (34-11) in last year’s state title game.

Indorf says they have everything that you would expect a very good football team to have. “They are solid from top to bottom. They like to power the ball. (Joey) Torok, number 4, their running back, really kind of explodes through the hole, gets north and south very quickly, and covers a lot of ground,” he told Swankonsports.com on Thursday, “Defensively, they like to throw a bunch of stuff at you, stunts and blitzes and stuff like that. So, we are going to have to make sure that we are being sound in our blocking schemes and making sure our heads are up and we are firing off the ball and try and control the line of scrimmage.”

Indorf says they don’t have to be mistake free to win this game, but they are going to have to a lot of things right. “Just go out there and give your best on every play is all we are asking every kid. If a mistake does happen, we will move on to the next play. We will focus on eliminating any blocking scheme mistakes or any dropped passes or fumbles or things like that. We have to take care of the ball,” he said.

Published 11/09/18

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Another Day at the Office for Norwayne

Norwayne, the outright champ of the Wayne County Athletic League, plays Salinesville Southern in a division six regional quarterfinal on Friday night at home.

The Bobcats got five TD’s from quarterback Clay Harvey and they beat Chippewa (42-20) to win the Wayne County Athletic League outright last Friday.

Coach Adam Indorf says it was a reward for the players and staff. “It is always good to get a win every week. It is a tribute to our coaching staff, who does a great job all year, and the kids and how hard they work in the off season and in season. It is a positive and hopefully it will push us forward here,” he said.

Norwayne (9-1) hosts Southern (9-1) on Friday night. The Indians beat Leetonia (22-0) last week and shared the Inter Tri-County League title. Their offense has been explosive in scoring more than 40 three times and more then 50 once in their 10 games. Perhaps their statement win came on week three (26-13) over Steubenville Central Catholic, also a playoff team.

Indorf thinks the Indians are going to try and throw the ball on them and show them a lot of man coverage on defense. “They come to us from Columbiana County. It is a team with a lot of athletes on it. It looks like they run very well. Good size up front. It seems like they want to pass the ball a little bit more than they want to run,” he told Swankonsports.com on Monday, “They will run and use that speed to get to the edge. Defensively, they are in a 3-4. They are going to run some form of man coverage behind. It looks like they are going to blitz.”

Indorf says the Indians are kind of a different team than they have faced from a personnel standpoint, but that is not going to affect how they prepare for Friday night. “It is a different team. They have a few more athletes than some of teams we have seen. It is nothing new, we are going to take the same approach to make sure we are taking care of ourselves on a day to day basis. Work to win the day, making sure we are disciplined and playing fundamental and fast, physical football,” he said.

Published 10/30/18

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A Win and Norwayne is Outright Champ

All Norwayne needs to do on Friday is win and they are going to undisputed Wayne County Athletic League champion.

However, winning isn’t going to be easy. They host Chippewa, who shares second place in the league with Hillsdale, a game behind the Bobcats.

To get into this position, the Bobcats thumped Waynedale (48-6) last week and coach Adam Indorf says they got at it right away. “I thought we did real well last week. We came out of the gate with energy and some fire. We were fortunate enough on the second play from scrimmage to get an interception and I think that just continued to add fuel to the fire and we kept going,” he said.

Norwayne (8-1,6-0) entertains Chippewa (6-3,5-1) on Friday night. The Chipps blew out Rittman (48-7) on week nine. It can be dangerous to compare scores because there are too many other factors, but Norwayne beat Hillsdale (34-28) in overtime, while the Falcons beat Chippewa (12-0) three weeks ago. So, you would think it might be a good game.

Indorf says the Chipps have some weapons. “They have a couple of nice kids. The Petty kid, the Henninger kid. They run the ball well and they like to create an unbalanced front to try and keep our defense off balance. They are going to bring some pressure from their defense and a little bit of man coverage. The key for us is for our kids to control the line of scrimmage,” he told Swankonsports.com on Thursday, “There are some nice big kids up front for them. We have to stop their run. For us offensively, we have to have our heads up and make sure we are picking up blitzes and things like that.”

In addressing the unbalanced line, Indorf says you have to be able to read it and react the right way in order to have success in defending it. “You have to identify the backside. They are going to run a tight end on the backside that is eligible and make sure we are identifying the guard, tackle, tackle on the front side for that unbalanced line. Chippewa does the guard, tackle, tackle and they put a wing there. So, they will really try and unbalance us. I think if you identify it and shift to it and make sure you are trying to put yourself in the best situation possible,” said Indorf.

Published 10/26/18

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Norwayne Has to Get to the Quarterback

Norwayne can clinch no less than a share of the Wayne County Athletic League title with a win at Waynedale on Friday night.

Currently, the Bobcats lead both Hillsdale, who they have beaten in overtime, and Chippewa, who they play next week, by one game with two to play.

Quarterback Craig Harvey had 140 total yards and two scores last week in a (47-14) win at Rittman.

In regard to the league title, coach Adam Indorf says they want to concentrate on Waynedale and not titles. “We try and not think about that stuff. We just try and focus on the task at hand. Our goals are to win the week and that really starts with each play and each day and each practice. We have really been communicating to the kids about the areas we need to improve on and polish up. We want to continue to play and practice at a high level. Really focusing on that and worrying about accolades and things like that after the season,” said Indorf.

Norwayne (7-1,5-0) is at Waynedale to play the Golden Bears (3-5,3-2) on Friday night in league play. The Bears beat Smithville (27-12) last week in league play.

Indorf says Waynedale has a very affective passing game that has been getting better as the season has unfolded. “They are doing a great job. They are playing hard. They have won the last three games. The quarterback does a nice job, big, athletic kid that can throw the ball. They move the ball affectively on offense, so we have a challenge ahead of us of making sure we control the line of scrimmage,” he told Swankonsports.com on Thursday, “Make sure we get some pressure on the quarterback and covering up in the secondary. Making sure that our offense is holding onto the ball and not turning the ball over and things of that nature.”

Indorf says one thing they have been working on a lot this week in preparation for Waynedale is getting a lot of pressure into the pocket. “I think we have done that throughout the season. Last week, was a slow start as far as getting pressure on the quarterback, so that is kind of point of emphasis this week moving guys around and making sure they are disengaging and getting clean off blocks and that are attacking the throwing shoulder of the quarterback. I think those early shots on the quarterback are essential,” he said.

Published 10/19/18

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Norwayne Has to Play Its Game

Wayne County Athletic League leader Norwayne takes its act to Rittman to take on the Indians in league play on Friday night.

The Bobcats hold a one game lead on Hillsdale and Chippewa in the league standings.

After trailing (10-7) early, the Bobcats went on to punish the Huskies (40-10) last week in a league game.

Coach Adam Indorf says they need to get off to a better start this week against Rittman. “We had some stumbles in the first half, some miscues. Once we got moving it sharpened up there and we kind of got rolling. It was kind of nice. It would be nice make sure we are off to a quick start this week and make sure we are not having those mental lapses or those physical mistakes so we can do our very best to put ourselves in the best situation,” said Indorf.

Norwayne has played well all year, their only loss to Mogadore (35-34) in the non-conference opener. Indorf says they know they are starting to get a bull’s eye on their chest. “I think everybody is shooting for you, they are gunning for you. They are going to go out with a little fire in their belly and give you their very best shot to knock you off,” he said.

Norwayne (6-1,4-0) is at Rittman (3-4,1-3) in league play this week. The Indians lost to Waynedale (14-13) last week after beating Northwestern (21-20) the week before for their only league win.

Indorf says they need to be prepared for what Rittman does, but they really have to come out and do their stuff well. “They are definitely playing really, really well. Those close ballgames are going to serve them well in the experience category and the learning category. They are going to come out with that same attitude and they are going to continue to fight and continue to battle. We have make sure we are doing the very same,” he told Swankonsports.com on Thursday, “We have to go out like I said before and get a fast start. We have to eliminate mistakes and just take care of ourselves and making sure we are doing our very best to put ourselves in the best situation.”

Published 10/12/18

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Norwayne Doing it with Blue Collar Attitude

Norwayne is two points away from being unbeaten this season and they are the co-leaders in the Wayne County Athletic League this season.

They beat Hillsdale (34-28) in overtime last week when Clay Henry scored the game winner in the extra session.

Coach Adam Indorf says he believes they have a good mix of big, strong linemen and athletic kids that can get to the perimeter. “We have a lot of size up front. We have some nice skill to complement that size with some nice running backs. Defensively, I just think we do a good job of being disciplined up front. We have good size as well as a mixture of athleticism at the line of scrimmage and linebackers that can really get to the ball. In the secondary, we have a lot of hard working young men that are also intelligent about the game. Kids that can cover ground and do a nice job of flying to the ball and making plays,” said Indorf.

He says they have some talent, but more than anything they just have some kids that want to work hard. “You have to have some moxey. We continue to preach just takes one play at a time. Give us the very best you can do on that play and then if something bad happens move on to the next play and give what you’ve got. I think that mentality some people may call kind of a blue collar mentality is very strong with our kids and kind of ingrained in them. We just try to stay the course until the end,” he said.

Norwayne’s only loss this year comes in the opener when traditional power Mogadore beat them (35-34) in a non-league game.

This week, Norwayne (5-1,3-0) is at home for the Northwestern Huskies (2-4,1-2) for a “WCAL” game. Northwestern lost a heartbreaker (21-20) to Rittman last Friday.

Imdorf says the Huskies like to get the ball in the air, but they will run it too. “The Huskies really try and spread you out. They want to throw the ball on you. Then spread you out and come back with some runs. On defense, we are going to have to be disciplined and hopefully be able to dial up a little bit of pressure and get to the quarterback and maybe rattle him,” he told Swankonsports.com on Monday, “They have been running this 3-3 stack for a long, lone time and they are very successful at it, so we have to be disciplined up front and be able to fire off and make sure we are taking care of any pressure and movement that they are going to do and really go at them. We need to use our tools on the edge and hopefully be able to stretch the field a little bit.”

Published 10/02/18

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