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Loudonville Using Long Distance

Loudonville has been getting more than 10 made three pointers a game and that is a big reason why the Lady Redbirds are 5-0 so far this season.

This week they play non-conference games at bigger schools, Tuesday at Akron Kenmore and Thursday at Cleveland Central Catholic.

They beat Lucas (82-49) on Saturday in a Mid-Buckeye Conference game and coach Tyler Bates says they have been scoring like that all year. “I love the start of our season, especially for the girls. After we lost Nikki Weber for the year to an “ACL” injury in the preseason we didn’t know what to expect offensively. We are actually averaging about 79 points a game through the first five games. To see the ball go in the basket at that kind of rate is really exciting and it is encouraging for the rest of the year,” said Bates.

Bates says they have been moving the ball well and getting it in position to get some three pointers in the air and they have been making them. “The girls have been sharing the ball really well and up to this point we have made 55 three pointers though five games. I think anytime you make 11 threes a game for a stretch like that at the start of the year you are probably going to be in pretty good shape offensively. I don’t know if we can keep that pace up for the whole season, but I am pretty happy with it right now. As long as we are getting open looks I don’t care how many threes we attempt,” said Bates.

Being a good shooter takes a lot of practice and Bates says when you start making then it leads to a lot of confidence. “Our girls put in a lot of time in the off season and even during the season after practice and on their days off. Getting on the gun and getting extra shots. Why put in all that work if you aren’t going to shoot the ball in the game when you are open. We have total confidence in all of the girls on the floor to shoot it if they get good looks,” he told Swankonsports.com on Monday, “The cool thing about our team is the girls don’t care you takes the most shots. When there is a hot hand they continue to feed that girl. That is a great thing to see as a coach and as long as you are unselfish and sharing the basketball you can really be tough to guard in girls’ basketball at the high school level.”

Playing Kenmore and Cleveland CC can only help them, according to Bates. “Our district is really tough up there in Wooster. We are trying our best during the regular season to get prepared for the division three district tournament. Between this week’s games, which will be in different environments and atmospheres than what Loudonville teams typically play in. As well as the “Classic in the Country” and the “Mansfield Christian Holiday Showcase” in few weeks we are pretty happy with our non-conference schedule. We are excited to see where we stand with some of these other teams in the State of Ohio,” he said.

Published 12/12/17

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Loudonville Girls Battling Adversity

Loudonville is coming off a tremendous year and was looking forward to another one and that could still happen.

Coach Tyler Bates says they return a lot of talent, but last week they took a sizable hit when last year’s leading scorer was lost for the season due to an injury. “It has been a rollercoaster of emotions for us this year. Winning 20 games last year was obviously exciting and returning the majority of our team we definitely have high expectations. Last week in our preseason scrimmage our leading scorer Nikki Weber tore her “ACL,” so she is out for the season,” he told Swankonsports.com on Tuesday, “It is going to be tough to replace 27 points per game, which is what Nikki scored last year, but at the same time we still have a lot of girls in our core that have worked their butts off in the summer. We are excited to get the games going and see what we can do. I think everybody is at the point know where we want to get started playing someone else and see what happens when it really counts.”

Losing Weber is going to hurt the Lady Redbirds, but Bates says he believes his kids will rally. “We saw it happen with the Boston Celtics this year when Gordon Hayward went down on opening night against the Cavs. I told the girls that Brad Stevens said at the halftime of that game that everyone else is just going to have to step up a little bit. We are not going to change our goals. We want to win the Mid-Buckeye Conference. We want to make a deep run in the division three tournament. If we are going to get that done we are all going to have to play a little bit better, coach a little bit better, and work a little bit harder,” said Bates.

Loudonville opens the season November 25 at home against Mansfield Senior. Bates says they are ready go and they want to start playing girls wearing different jerseys. “Having great practices is everyone’s goal and in order to do that you have to have a little bit of a competitive nature for practice between the girls. At this point in the regular season it is starting to get a little bit chippie. I think we are tired up going against each other and we are really excited for Thanksgiving weekend to get here. We open with Mansfield Senior at home. We know that will be a quality opponent for us to see where we are at early,” he said.

Published 11/15/17

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