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Huron Has to Get Game Moving

Huron knocked off the number one seed in the division three district last week and now they are set to meet Margaretta, a fellow member of the Bay Division of the Sandusky Bay Conference, in a district semifinal on Thursday night at Norwalk High School.

The Tigers (10-12) also beat Bay Division champion Vermilion last month.

Coach Bobby James says he has a team that has really come together at the right time. “I was thinking about that the other day and what we are doing is we are finally coming together as a group. We are playing a lot of younger kids and a lot of inexperienced kids and they are finally mesh pretty well with our seniors and we have come together pretty well here at the end of the year. I think they are just becoming more familiar with each other. We knew we had the talent, but playing together and being more familiar with each other is really helping us out,” said James.

Huron beat Upper Sandusky (61-56) last Friday and they did so getting only five points from all-district guard Michael Hurst, who received a lot of attention from the Rams. “We have a really good point guard in Michael Hurst. He is leading our league in scoring. He can really play the game really well. The big thing the other night against Upper is he only scores five points and we go ahead and beat the number one seed and that just shows how much we are growing as a team,” he said.

Huron and Margaretta split their regular season games, each winning on the road. The Tigers (56-51) on December 15 and the Bears (36-28) on January 19,

The Polar Bears (12-12) are very, very patient. James says they have to speed them up a little bit Thursday night. “They will run a set and if it doesn’t work they will turn to the coach and they will get another set and they will run that. They really have it seems like 10-15 pass a possession. So, we are going to really have to put some pressure on them by nocking down some open shots to make them play a little faster,” he told Swankonsports.com on Tuesday, “We would like to get them to play a little faster than what they did the last time. The first time we played them we had them playing faster and we ended up winning the game. The second time they really slowed it down on us. We didn’t shoot the ball very well the second time we played them. We were 9-55 from the field and that is not going to win you any games.”

James says a key for them is to make sure they take quality shots against Margaretta. “We have to get good shots and that is one thing we have been doing we have really been moving the basketball pretty well. If we can do that against Margaretta and take high percentage shots. The second game against them we were like one pass and a shot. We just didn’t get a lot of good looks. We have to be patient offensively. We have to kind of force our hand a little bit when they have the basketball and see if we can’t get the pace up a little faster,” he said.

Published 3/07/18

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