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(FINAL) 2017 Puller of the year (All Divisions)

Chuck Knapp (Screamin' D) Unlimited Modified


Modified Tractors (All divisions)


1.       Chuck Knapp (Screamin' D)

2.       Brandon Simon (Simon Sez)

3.       Ricky Rose (Giddyup)

4.       Kevin Criswell (Blown Centless)

5.       Wayne Purser (Uncle Sam)



Super Stock Tractors (Alcohol and Diesel)


1.       Josh Blackbourn (International Threat)

2.       Terry Blackbourn (Extremely Armed and Dangerous)

3.       John Strickland (Get a Load out of That)

4.       Jody/Colin Ross (Triple ByPass)

5.       Brian Korth (Considered Armed and Dangerous)



Pro Stock Tractors (All Weights)


1.       Brad Moss (Young Buck)

2.       Charles Pelletier (CP Dream II)

3.       Robbie Lemke (New Generation Plus)

4.       Kevin Schmucker (Git-Er-Dun Deere)

5.       Mike Conny/Julia Ray (Mac Nasty)



FWD Trucks


1.       Peyton Davis (Punisher)

2.       Jim/Paul Holman (4 Play)

3.       Ben Ellis (Benjammin)

4.       Kenny Lucas (Fantasy)

5.       Donald LaBonte (Rock)



TWD Trucks


1.       Jessie Petro (Buckeye Hauler)

2.       Randy Petro (Kathy's Komplaint)

3.       Jared Nelson (Midnight Revenger)

4.       Keith Long (Bullseye)

5.       Ashley Corzine (Second Degree)





1.       Dean Holicky (Mother Trucker)

2.       Dan Prahl (Full Tilt)

3.       Dale Francis

4.       Richard Bonner

5.       Chris Wood (Class Act)





1.       Berrie Boer (Bobcat Jr.)

2.       Ken Veney (Lil' Funny Farmall)

3.       Jason Hathaway (Honkin' Donkey Grey)

4.       Adam Koester (Beast of Burden)

5.       Larry Koester (Footloose)
































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