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Port Clinton a Very Confident Team

It’s was a .500 season last year for the Port Clinton Redskins, but they expect to be much better this year.

Coach Beau Carmon feels they have reacted pretty well to heat we have been facing in North Central Ohio lately. “We have a good group of kids, a very tight core and leadership has really been outstanding at this point, so I think we are on track. Like a lot of teams, we are dealing with heat a little bit and a little bit of fatigue. These are 16, 17, 18-year-old kids that we are coaching. It gets a little difficult and when they face some adversity sometimes things can go south. Other than little things like that I think we are on track and on the way to a big year,” he said.

Port Clinton has some talent this season and they have a lot of guys that are good enough, or required to, good both ways. Carmon says they need to be able to face that adversity. “It is small school football and I consider division four small school football. A lot of our kids go both ways and for kids to go both ways they have to be in shape. It is not just about conditioning, it’s about being in full pads out there in the heat. It is about being able to go 25, 30 minutes without getting water. Of course, we let our kids get water anytime they need it, they don’t need to ask permission. Kids going both ways it is not just about running, it’s about being in full pads. We were able to do it last Saturday and be able to exert and be physical and mental force as well throughout practice,” said Carmon.

Port Clinton is in the Bay Division of the Sandusky Bay Conference, which does not contain defending champion Shelby, which has moved on to the Mid-Ohio Athletic Conference.

Carmon feels they are going to be very competitive this year. “I think we will be more balanced offensively. I think our defense is probably where we are going to hang our hat this year. I think our defense has a chance to be really, really good. Of course, we haven’t even been tested yet, so it is pretty premature to say that, but we have a good group of kids, some veterans that are back there and our linebackers, our course, are very good as well. I think we should be pretty good in that aspect,” he told Swankonsports.com on Monday, “Offensively, I think we will be able to throw the ball down the field, we have two really good running backs, and a veteran offensive line. We think overall, we can be a pretty good football team. I feel pretty good about it and that is the way we are rolling right now.”

Published 8/07/18

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Port Clinton Faces Talented Shelby

Port Clinton faces a very tough challenge this week as they travel to Shelby to meet the Whippets, the leaders in the Bay Division of the Sandusky Bay Conference.

The Whippets are unbeaten on the season and have beaten each opponent by at least 30 points and that includes some good ones like Bellevue and Edison.

Port Clinton (4-3,1-1) broke a two game losing streak with a (36-22) win over Vermilion in conference play last week.

Coach Beau Carmon says it was a win that made they feel a lot better. “I thought it was important for our kids. We dropped the two previous games and we needed some confidence. We were able to get some things going offensively. I think the first drive set the tone for us. Our game is running the football and we did that pretty affectively. We had over 400 yards of offense and put up some points, which is something we haven’t done in a few weeks. Defensively, I think we need to close games out a little bit better. We really haven’t shown that all year. It is getting down to crunch time at the end of year and we have to be able to put together a full game. It was a nice time to get a quality victory over a good football team. It only gets tougher from here on out. We have to get better during practice,” said Carmon.

Their performance last week was due a lot to confidence and the play of the offensive line, according to Carmon. “I think our running backs ran with a little more confidence. I think we matched up a little better with Vermilion than the previous weeks. We are able to assert dominance. In my belief we have a solid offensive line. Our guys take pride in their blocking. Offensive linemen don’t get a lot of credit doing anything else. You see them when they screw up and you don’t hear anything else about them. The challenge was on them to establish a run game on a pretty muddy field. It was difficult for our running backs and receivers to cut. We knew we had to run the football going into the game and the challenge was on the guys. I think they stepped up to the challenge much more than they did previous weeks. We had to had the game on their shoulders and they did it,” said Carmon.

Shelby (7-0,2-0), #1 in the Swankonsports.com football coaches poll in the large school division, demolished Edison (43-0) last week in a Bay Division game. Carmon says they are the real deal. He says their goal should be a state title. “They are completely talented everywhere. I think Erik Will has done a phenomenal job there. I was with Erik over and the North-South game and we had some great conversations about what they do over at Shelby. I think a lot of their success is because of how they handle their off season work. There is no doubt they have talent too, a lot speed. I think it is a team that is going to make a lot of noise in the playoffs. Talent wise they have the ability to go to the state championship game and I think that is their goal,” he told Swankonsports.com on Tuesday, “Seeing them on film, it certainly should be, they have that kind of talent. I don’t see a whole lot of weakness. I think they are a great football team. I think they are a team that is on a mission and you can see it one film. It is great to see a team like Shelby from a town like that, a blue collar town, and a public institution to put together a team with that kind of quality. We certainly have our hands full this Friday.”

When it comes to the Redskins, Carmon says their goal is to become better at their stuff. “We are kind of looking at ourselves and saying what can we do to get better this week to make sure we are finishing the season strong instead of what can we do to stop or slow down Shelby. We are really looking at ourselves in the mirror this week and say what can we improve on here at the end of the year,” he said.

Published 10/11/17

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Port Clinton Must be Better

Port Clinton has won its last three football games, but they are going to get their biggest test, at least since game one, when the visit Clyde to face the Fliers on Friday night.

It’s an inter-divisional game in the Sandusky Bay Conference.

The Redskins beat Fremont St. Joe (42-7) last week. Coach Beau Carmon says they continue to get better. “We are a young team, so we are going to continue to see growth. We played better the last three weeks since we got routed by Sandusky on week one. We need to continue to do that when we are playing a team like Clyde because if we don’t do that we won’t have a chance in that game,” he said.

Clyde (4-0), #3 in the Swankonsports.com football coaches poll in the large school division, is coming off a (48-8) win over Toledo Bowsher. They have also beaten Ashland (22-19) and Anthony Wayne (30-27) this year.

Carmon says Clyde is just a solid program. “Coach Carter is a great coach and they have a great staff over there, but above everything it is just the tradition and the program they have had there for a long time. The kids appear the value off season workouts. They are always one of the biggest, if not the biggest and strongest team in the “SBC.” They are physical and they take care of the football and they have a lot of very good football players,” he told Swankonsports.com on Thursday, “It is a team and a program that we kind of want to look at and say we would like to be that someday and be able to compete with them when we play against them and the other good teams in the “SBC,” so it is going to be a really good test for us.”

In order to be in this game on Friday night, Carmon says they have to be as physical as Clyde. “It starts up on the line and we have been pretty good up front on the offensive line. We are pretty healthy. We have been physical up front and we have been able to run the football and we need to continue to do that and be balanced as well. Our quarterback has really come a long way. He hasn’t had any reps at quarterback until this year. Our kids are starting the believe in themselves. They are playing a physical brand of football and we need to continue to do that,” he said.

Last season, Port Clinton beat Clyde (27-21) in one of their biggest wins in the last quarter of a century. However, Carmon doesn’t help them much on Friday night. “Maybe for them it is, but it isn’t for us. I don’t think what happened last year is any is anything that is going to help us at all. A lot of the guys that were on that football team are gone, some of the guys are back that are on that team, so there were out there and they know what it took to beat Clyde. It’s a new year, it’s a new season. We are both different football teams. I am sure they are saying we not going to let Port Clinton come in here and beat us at Clyde, that is certainly the way I would look at it if the game was in Port Clinton. It was a great win for us last year, but that was last year’s seniors, it’s two new football teams and it should be a good football game,” said Carmon.

Published 9/22/17

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Port Clinton Trying to Make it Three in a Row

After losing to Sandusky on week one and learning some things, the Port Clinton Redskins have won two straight and are looking to make it three when they host Fremont St. Joe on Friday night.

Port Clinton is in the Bay division of the Sandusky Bay Conference, or the middle division, St. Joe is in the River division, or smallest of the three.

The Redskins bested the Norwalk Truckers (27-20,) of the Lake division, the division with the biggest schools, last Friday night,

Coach Beau Carmon says they stepped up when they had to in the game. “We were able to get off on a good lead on them and we played good on defense in end to come away with the victory. I think Norwalk is a solid football team. Anytime you play a school in the bigger division and come away from their place with a victory we feel very fortunate. I think defensively we played very well in the second half and we were able to get the “W,” so we were happy about it,” he said.

After getting smoked (41-7) by Sandusky, a team Carmon admits is better than them, the Redskins have been able to continue to improve. “We weren’t really sure what kind of team we had after Sandusky. I think there is no doubt what Sandusky brings to the table and how good they were. They were better than us. They are a better football team than we are. I know a lot of coaches will play games like that and not admit it, but I will, they are a better football team then we were. We had a good showing them against Rossford and then we took an even better step and played much better against a solid Norwalk team. We have certainly taken steps in the right direction and I think as we continue to do that we will be successful,” said Carmon.

St. Joe (1-2) beat Cardinal Stritch (50-18) then they have been shut down by Norwalk St. Paul (42-7) on week two and Gibsonburg (33-2) last week.

Carmon says they have to be ready to play. “They have got players. They have players and they have a nice quarterback. You need to look at it from their perspective because I know I have. They are probably looking at it like they have nothing to lose and everything to gain coming in to play us. I think immediately that shoots up a red flag, so we need to expect the unexpected. They have guys that can make us look foolish. They certainly can put points on the scoreboard, they have that capability,” he told Swankonsports.com on Tuesday, “We need to do what we do best and play great defense and be able to run the ball. Hopefully meet our goals. Each week, no matter who we play, we want to play to the best of our ability whether we are playing Fremont St. Joe or Sandusky or Clyde or whoever it is we are playing, we want to look back and say we played to best of our ability and we will feel pretty good about it.”

Published 9/13/17

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Port Clinton Counting on O-Line

Port Clinton battled back to even its record last week and now they face a second Lake Division team as they travel to Norwalk to meet the Truckers on Friday night.

The Redskins (1-1) beat Rossford (28-7) last week.

Coach Beau Carmon says they needed that and they really saw what they needed to from the players. “We weren’t sure what kind of team we had after the Sandusky game and we needed to show something in all three phases of the game. We felt we did a pretty good job of doing that. We had a pretty good offensive day. I would have liked to score a few more points. We left some points off the board. Regardless we had 400 yards of offense and scored 28 points and that’s pretty good football. Defensively, we tackled much, much better and only gave up seven points. We were solid in special teams. It was a much better effort than we had the previous Friday, so we are happy about it,” said Carmon.

Port Clinton has been in the playoffs the last two years and to be a good football team this year Carmon says it depends on their play in the trenches. “I think our offensive line has jelled and gotten a lot better. They understand they can be pretty good when they want to play football and the same with our defensive line. We expect to control the line of scrimmage. I think going forward here against Norwalk and any other team we play our strength has to be starting at the line of scrimmage,” he told Swankonsports.com on Thursday, “We are not a team that likes to throw the ball down the field on a consistent basis, so the run game is really, really important for us offensively. Defensively, it has to start with stopping the run. We were able to do that Friday night and we met a lot of our goals. As coaches we felt a lot better and our players felt better about it as well.”

Norwalk (1-1) lost to Edison (13-3) last week in another inter-divisional game. They had beaten Willard (40-6) the first week of the season.

After losing to Sandusky (41-7) in their first game, Carmon says they want to prove some things. “They are a good football team, there is no doubt. They have size, they have great running backs, they have a quarterback that can really throw the ball. Their defense hasn’t given up many points. I don’t think there is any arguing how good Edison is this year and they went toe to toe with Edison. We have to play pretty darn good football to stay in the game with them. We are looking forward to the challenge. We play three games against the Lake Division. Our challenge for the guys is can we play with some of the bigger teams? We play three and this is our second one and we need to take advantage of it,” said Carmon.

Published 9/08/17

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Tackling a Priority for Redskins

After a loss on week one to Sandusky, the Port Clinton Redskins are working to get better as they host Rossford on week two.

Sandusky blew out Port Clinton (41-7) last week,

Redskins coach Beau Carmon says the Blue Steaks are really fast and they had some problems tackling their backs. “We played a really good football team in Sandusky. They were very fast. They out matched us in that department. To play against a team like that you have to make sure you tackle well and not let them get into open space. We didn’t tackle well, so our tackling needs to be cleaned up this week and we have really emphasized that already,” he told Swankonsports.com on Wednesday, “Offensively our route running needed to be a little bit better and we need to make sure catch the ball better too. We need more productivity out of our skilled guys. All in all I was pretty thrilled with our offensive and defensive lines, I thought we held the lines pretty well and we maintained our gaps. Defensively tackling has to be a priority and offensively we have to make sure we get more points on the board and do what we need to do individually to succeed offensively.”

Port Clinton has been in the playoffs the last two years and Carmon believes they will benefit a lot from playing Sandusky because they are going to make them better. “That is the first loss in our stadium since 2015 and that one hurt because it has been a while since we lost in front of our home crowd. I think we played one of the best teams on our schedule this year. I know we play a lot of really, really good football teams, but I think it is fair to say the fastest team is already out of our way. It is nice to play them week one because I think it is going to make us a better football team right way. I think we are going to be more prepared after that week one loss. You never want to lose a home opener, like your homecoming game and get off on the right foot. We have a little bit of a monkey on our back right now and we need to get it off quickly. I know Rossford is going to be hungry this week losing in overtime to Bowling Green. They are going to want to come in and get that first victory as well, so it should be a good game,” said Carmon.

Rossford lost on week one too, Bowling Green edged them (41-34) in overtime.

Carmon says Rossford has some good talent and they will be well coached. “I think Todd Drusback is an awesome coach, he is a good friend of mine and he has been very successful everywhere he has been. He had a lot of success at St. Joe and obviously at Rossford. He is always good at maximizing his talent. There a couple of years ago he had one heck of a football team. I think they went all of the way to the regional final. He always has good quarterbacks. He always has guys that are well coached. He always has a little bit of size. He loves to run the screen. You have to be very, very disciplined when you go against teams like that. They could break one at any time. I know they have a big running back. Defensively they run a multiple set. They are gap sound. They are very, very aggressive. They have good linebackers. I think they are a good football team. It is a good game for us. A good test for us,’ said Carmon.

Published 8/31/17

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Port Clinton Wants to be Physical

Port Clinton has put three very good football seasons together, which have all ended in a playoff appearance.

Last season, they shared the conference title and one their first playoff game.

Coach Beau Carmon, at the center of the improvement of the football program, they were 0-10 in 2013, says they have progressed nicely through preseason camp. “We are progressing, but we are certainly not where we want to be like every other coach in the state I’m sure would agree. Our strengths are starting to appear like our coaching staff thought we thought some areas of our team would be stronger than others and that is what we are seeing right now. Up front on the offensive and defensive lines have been doing a pretty good job here the last few weeks about getting better. Of course, we have players individually that are developing. We are able to make plays with our skilled kids. We have a lot of underclassmen that need to play this year and they have come along way, but we still need to get a lot better here these next two weeks before our opener,” said Carmon.

They open the season a week from Friday at home against Sandusky, then host Rossford and play at Norwalk.

Carmon says more than anything they want to establish that they are a physical football team at Port Clinton, that is their number one goal. “The thing we want to be known for along with I am sure a lot of other teams is of course physicality. We want to be known as a physical football team. Those are things that we establish in practice. I thought in our first scrimmage last week against Napoleon we were able to establish some physicality, especially on the offensive line,” he told Swankonsports.com on Monday, “Playing physical football is very difficult to do when you only have two weeks of doubles and then jump into your first scrimmage and first game. There is no spring ball in Ohio, so you are really playing catch up trying to get guys through the summer and early fall here making sure everything is installed and making sure the kids are physically ready to play the game of football. We want to hang our hat on physicality here at Port Clinton.”

With the success they have had there isn’t a problem getting kids out for football at Port Clinton. They have almost 90 kids. Carmon says they are doing all they can to get the younger kids ready for varsity football. “We try very hard to make sure we have quality scrimmages. We scrimmage Napoleon and Bellevue and they are both really good football programs that are well coached. We think that scrimmaging teams like that and making practice very difficult will set our kids up hopefully for success during the season. Of course, they have to be able to translate everything they learn on the practice field to games on Friday night. You want to put your kids in tough spots in the off season. You want them to strain a little bit. You want them to question what the weaknesses are and they understand that as we go into the season. That is what we really concentrate on in the off season,” said Carmon.

Published 8/15/17

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